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Saji Cooking Oil

Saji cooking oil brand made of the finest and superior quality Refined Bleach Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein. The product is seen as a clear golden liquid at room temperature. Rich with vitamin E and no cholesterol, it is an extremely versatile frying and cooking medium and is used in the food industry. Be rest assured there will be no after taste when using Saji Cooking oil.

Available in: 1kg, 2kg & 5kg

Saji Creamer

How can your favourite coffee and tea taste even better? With Saji Creamer of course! It adds a creamier and smoother taste to your daily cuppa with the added goodness of Vitamin A, D3, B1 and zero cholesterol. Available in a choice of Sweetened Creamer, Evaporated Creamer or Teh Tarik Creamer.

Available in: 390g & 500g

Saji Flavoured Creamer

Give your taste-buds a tasty treat with the Saji Flavoured Creamer! Just add water and have yourself a delicious and refreshing drink instantly! Or be more adventurous and add it into your food for a truly tantalizing dish! Available in a choice of Chocolate, Corn, Bandung and Honey Dew flavour.

Available in: 380g

Malaysians love soy sauce as it can turn our local dishes into gastronomic delights! Made from quality soybeans, Saji Sweet Soy Sauce can be added as a seasoning in cooking or even serve as a tasty dipping sauce for evening snacks.

Saji salty soya sauce produced traditionally in order to maintain a sense of originality soybean will be the all-time favorites. Best to be used to flavour meat and all kinds of seafood.

Saji Oyster Sauce

Saji Oyster Sauce gives you the delectable flavour of oyster in every dish. It is a great flavour enhancer for marinating meat, seafood and vegetables. So make it a must-have on your kitchen shelf and serve up a mouth-watering feast every single time!

Available in: 340g & 510g

Saji Sweet Soy Sauce

Malaysians love soy sauce as it can turn our local dishes into mouth-watering cuisines! Made from quality soybeans, SAJI Sweet Soy Sauce can be added as a seasoning in cooking or even serve as a tasty dipping sauce for evening snacks.

Available in: 330ml

Saji Salty Soy Sauce

Made the traditional way with quality soybeans as the main ingredient, SAJI Salty Soy Sauce is the perfect choice for our local cuisine. This versatile sauce adds spice to every meal and also enhances the flavour of meat and seafood!

Available in: 330ml

Saji Chili Sauces

Saji Chili Sauce provides that extra bite in your everyday dishes. So add some flavour and spiciness into every meal or use it as a dip when enjoying your favourite food or snacks!

Available in: 340g & 500g

Saji Tomato Sauces

The combination of sweet and sour taste is what makes tomato sauce a popular and versatile condiment. Made from quality tomato paste, Saji Tomato Sauce can turn your everyday dish into instant gastronomic delights!

Available in: 340g & 485g

Saji Mayo

Make meal times even more satisfying with Saji Mayo! The mayo’s versatility makes it ideal for use in cooking or as a savoury topping. It’s creamy taste and smooth texture also makes it the perfect dip for snacks!

Available in: 230ml, 470ml, 1litre & 3litre

Instant noodles are the perfect solution when hunger pangs strike. Saji Mi’s chewy and tasty instant noodles make for a satisfying and quick meal – and it’s ready to eat in only 3 minutes! Available in 4 delicious flavours: Original Fried Noodle, Kampung Chicken Soup, Curry Soup and Original Soto Soup.

Saji Mi Ayam Kampung

Their noodle is chewy and filling. Only 3 minutes to cook and has 4 variety of delicious flavour which is original fried noodle, kampung chicken soup, curry soup and original soto soup.

Available in: 5x75g

Saji Mi Kari

What better way to keep those growling stomach at bay than with a helping of irresistible curry soup noodle!

Available in: 5x75g

Saji Mi Soto Asli

Now you can enjoy a bowl of delicious soto soup noodle from the comforts of your home, anytime!

Available in: 5x75g

Saji Mi Goreng

The original fried noodle – the classic favourite that makes everyone can’t get enough of!

Available in: 5x80g

Saji Rock Salt

Make your meals tastier and healthier with a dose of Saji Rock Salt. Made with natural rock salt and 84 minerals, it delivers delicious taste and wholesome goodness in every bite!

Available in: 400g