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Industrial Brands

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Industrial Brands
Cooking oil
Saji and Tiara are two cooking oil brands made of the finest and superior quality Refined Bleach Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein. The product is seen as a clear golden liquid at room temperature. It is an extremely versatile frying and cooking medium and is used in the food industry.
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Mariana, Adela, Creamlite, Donna and Pelangi margarine made from the finest quality palm oil. It is specially formulated with tasty butter flavour for various uses such as for baking bread, pastry, bun, cookies, biscuits, cream and cakes. Widely used by well-known biscuits manufactures and ready-to-eat retailers for their baking ingredient.
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Shortening and Dough Fat
Mariana and Lazat brands comprise the product range of shortening and dough fat. Made from carefully selected, quality palm oil and its derivatives. These products are used extensively as ingredient in bread making, bun, cookies, biscuits, wafer fillings, short crust pastry and other bakery products; and are specially texturized to give food plasticity and tendering effects in the final baking products.
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Vegetable Ghee
Nadim is the brand name of vegetable ghee that is made from the finest palm as the perfect alternative to the traditional ghee from an animal fats base. Specific texture, aroma, colour, and melting points can be produced as per customer`s requirements.

Nadim is suitable for use in the preparation of roti prata (roti canai), chappati, tosai, and murtabak and can be used in various cooking applications.
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